Now Robots Can Also See World Like Humans!!

Now Robots Can Also See World Like Humans!!

Syed Saud Naqvi, a PhD student from Pakistan, is working on an algorithm to help computer programmed and robots to view static images in a way that is closer to how humans see.

Saud explains: "Right now computer programmes see things as very flat—they find it difficult to distinguish one object from another."

Facial recognition is already in use but, says one of Saud's supervisors Dr Will Browne, object detection is more complex than facial recognition as there are many more variables.

Different object detection algorithms exist, some focus on patterns, textures or colours while others focus on the outline of a shape. Saud's algorithm extracts the most relevant information for decision-making by selecting the best algorithm to use on an individual image.

"The defining feature of an object is not always the same—sometimes it's the shape that defines it, sometimes it's the textures or colours. A picture of a field of flowers, for example, could need a different algorithm than an image of a cardboard box," says Saud.

Work on the algorithm was presented at this year's Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference (GECCO) in Vancouver and received a Best Paper Award.

Now the computer vision algorithm is going to be taken even further through a Victoria Summer Scholarship project to apply it to a dynamic, real-world robot for object detection tasks. This will take the algorithm from analysing static images to moving real-time scenes.

It is hoped that the algorithm will be able to help a robot to navigate its environment by being able to separate objects from their surrounds.

Dr Browne says there are a number of uses for this kind of technology both now and in the future. Immediate possibilities include use on social media and other websites to self-caption photos with information on the location or content of a photo.

"Most of the robots that have been dreamed up in pop culture would need this kind of technology to work. Currently, there aren't many home helper robots which can load a washing machine—this technology would help them do it."

It's early days but Dr Browne says in the future it's possible that this kind of imaging technology could be adapted to use in medical testing, such as identifying cancer cells in a mammogram.

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Nokia Windows 8 RT Tablet now leaked, Big Competitor for MS Surface!

Nokia sure to seems to be completely sold of Windows platform and there are rumors about a Nokia Window 8 RT tablet are now seems to be true in a few days. This will be the first Window 8 RT tablet and it will go neck to neck competition with Microsoft Surface RT. While there is not too much information about tablet, then it’s just a rumor that it looks like a bigger version of Nokia Lumia series with brilliant bright colors with great looking Windows Phone 8 devices.

Since Window 8 RT is running on ARM based processor and they are less porn to power hungry than a laptop and desktop processors, so we can accept a good battery life from it. Nokia claim that the device running for 10 hours of active use, which Microsoft Surface promises but unfortunately not full fill it. The Nokia Window RT tablet is going to pack in a couple of features as well giving an edge over the Microsoft Surface.

Nokia Windows 8 RT Tablet Specifications:

The Nokia Window 8 RT said to come with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and at least 2 GB of RAM there is no accurate information about storage and expandable storage. The screen said to be 10.2 inches similar to Microsoft Surface RT. The Nokia Window 8 RT tablet come with cellular support addition to Wi-Fi, plus the best part is its attachable keyboard. It includes 2 USB ports and a extra battery pack that extend the battery life of the tablet.

What remain is to seen that if the Nokia Window 8 RT tablet priced competitively or not because Microsoft Surface RT is overpriced as most of peoples think. Nokia isn’t the best shape and position right now in the market, so we just hope that Nokia Window 8 RT tablet get back it on track.

HP launched a new tablet pro window 8 series Envy x2: First Impression

HP has been launched their first Window 8 Pro tablet in the market. At first prospect it similar to HP Envy range of laptops, with a brushed aluminum smooth and sleek design but there are more in Envy X2 then just a looks.

The HP Envy X2 is powered by 1.8 GHz Intel Atom processor along with a 2 GB of 533MHz LPDDr2 SDRAM. Screen is measures with 11.6 inches and sports a resolution of 1366X768 pixels and is an IPS type panel with 400 nits of brightness.

Other features are on-boarded are Crystal clear audio, 2 USB ports, and a full size HDMI out rear and front cameras of 8MP. This all hardware suit are in a sleek brushed aluminum pointed design, “its design is so aerodynamic that a kid can play Frisbee with it".

The look of HP Envy X2 is extremely excellent and whole combination of tablet plus dock seems too light. It running on Window 8 Operating System and the tablet extremely very fast in response.  Going to desktop mode to browse folder was also very easy and comfortable. The Screen in terms of colors and contrast and in touch works awesome with every gesture made being recognized without any hindrance.

HP Envy X2(
We are sure that 64GB SSD memory bound to improve load time of OS and other heavy applications and we love to see how HP Envy X2 hardware handle applications like Photoshop and lightroom and even more multimedia library that we have to expect from a tech savvy peoples.

The HP Envy X2 accepted to release in India in January 2013 with a approx price Rs. 59,990(USD 1095)

Why Android Tablets Beat Apple iPad? Here the Answer!

When the iPad 2 arrived, many might be confused that whether to go for latest Apple iPad 2 or go with Android tablet like Motorola Xoom which may not only thin and light like iPad but if we talk about specifications which are being offered by Android tablets are much more than provided by Apple iPads. With Android platform there are multiple companies which will be adopting Android and will be releasing Android latest tablets. Apple will be a solitary one which will be struggle in the tablets world with its iPad 2 latest version launched just before few days. So, here we discuss some few reasons, Why Android tablets beat Apple iPad ?

If you choose an option to choose Apple iPad 2 as in only a iPad, but you have hundred of options to choose from Android tablets. So when it comes to options then Android scores more than Apple iPads. The best option in Android is Motorola Xoom which now in front of Apple iPad and which wins over the newly launched iPad 2 in almost all parameters aspect design part as iPad comes in much more thinner and lighter in weight.

Android eat iPad( all new notification bar rolled out in new Android version Honeycomb, the Android changes the old taste with all new useful and good looking notification widget which if compared with Apple iPad notification bar in Apple is quite not simple and is complex. When a message appear in Android it just appear at the bottom of the screen and then disappear unlike Apple iPad where a message stay till you not check it out.
With the arrival of Android Honeycomb operating system which highly support multitasking with more ease compared it to messy multitasking experience in the Apple iPad 2 which is bitter harder to use in iPad2.
Android Xoom comes with a powerful secondary camera of 2MP along with back camera of 5MP with 720p HD capability, Apple iPad2 comes with a VGA front camera while the back camera of 2MP with 5X zoom. 
Most of the cameras in Android come with flash with powerful camera too. Android support’s flash. Apple claim that Flash won’t be the standard of video in near future and it may be right. But if you wish to use Flash then the answer is Android.
Home Screen
Home Screen on iPad has a lot of space which used to lodge with many of widgets. On the Android side, Honeycomb OS has five customized home screen to fill up it with widgets and other shortcuts. The home screen on Android can be customized very easily while on iPad there are hardly any customization which you get to do.
Processing Speed
The latest iPad 2 comes with 512 MB RAM, and the latest Android Xoom tablet comes with 1 GB. Lower the processing speed higher the chances and risk of freezing the device which in turn not suitable and good for all multitasking lovers

**At last this is your decision whether you choose Android platform tablets or go with Apple iPads series!